Published Jumat, April 27, 2018 by Hannan Izzaturrofa

Let Go

Before we say goodbye, let go, but I’m lost in the maze of my heart;
from stereo to mono, that’s how the path splits.

If my fate is to disappear like this, then this is my last letter;
penned words, written then erased feelings for you;
so many to let go, unpuzzle my lego at a level where it can’t return to its original shape;
so be it, don’t cry, I’mma let you go and fly.

Hectic days, keeping myself busy, distraction filled schedule;
burned into the back of my mind like tattoo;
we can’t return to those days, if I could I’d call your name;
no… but I’ll accept your blame, it really is time to say goodbye.

In order to release your hand right now;
I gotta let you know, that I need to let you go;
hard to say goodbye, but I can’t run;
I’m ready to let go.

What have you been up to lately?
Who are you thinking of so far away?
Life without you is really, unbelievable, but even so I still gotta go;
to the person I loved too much, to the red thread that got too entangled in itself.

I couldn't reach you, so I'll walk a separate path, for that reason I’ll say goodbye.

At first every day is like that, beyond the tears hidden in the rain;
I’ll wait for you, let’s start over;
so that in the future, I can meet you again with a smile.

The color of the sky we saw together;
the scent of the path we walked down together;
don’t forget them :)

This lyrics is from BTS, Let Go;
ditulis pada Jumat, di malam yang sebenarnya pagi;
yang saya tidak menyangka, pertama kalinya saya mengoding;
sampai lupa waktu, dan tiba-tiba terputar lagu ini;
keren sekali comeback Jepangnya.