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Hopeless Love

How beautiful that smile is
Time stands still when I see you
How did this love happen to me
The things you say, the moves you make
Make my heart keep pounding and pounding
But I keep my door firmly closed
Oh your eyes that are looking at me aren't the same as mine
It is very sad to know how you feel
I know it's hopeless that's why when I look at you
Its so hard for me because I love you so much
It hurts to hear that we're just friends
I stand out of the line I'll never cross
Though it hurts, I just can't turn away
This hopeless love
Just a little later, just one more glance
Then I'll settle my mind, at least I believe so
But in reality it only gets bigger and bigger
My feelings for you grow deeper and deeper
Out of my control, I don't get any better
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Lonely, how I look at you
This hopeless love only hurts
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Park Jimin Hopeless Love